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Electronics For Your Model Railroad

Our products are fully compatible with all signals, scales and control systems, DC or DCC, and operate  independently of these systems

Our systems include detection and provide prototypical

operation independent of track power.

No soldering is necessary and installation does not

disrupt existing layouts.

The FlashMaster #8003

Provides prototipical grade crossing flasher control. the

basic unit configured for one track bi-directional operation.

It can be expanded to dual track operation with addition

Optical Sensor Expander Cable (#8004). Beyond two tracks

an additional control card is required.

The unit can drive up to 8 paires of LEDs and requires

7-18 volts AC or DC 300ma.

#8003    FlashMaster        $89.99

#8004    Expander Cable        $39.99



The ServoMaster  #8000

Provides activation for crossing gates and 3 position semaphores. For crossing gates 4 optical sensors will allow single track bi-directional operation, or dual track

uni-directional operation. Expansion kits will allow up to 3 additional bi-directional tracks. The unit also controls the crossing lights for common anode LEDs. An out put is provided to add a bell sound module (no provided)

The unit requires 9-16 volts, AC or DC rated for at least 500ma.


#8000     ServoMaster        $149.99

#8001    Expansion Kit        $89.99

#8002    Optical Sensor Kit        $39.99




ABS Master Signal System (#8005) $159.99

Operates with any control system, DC or DCC.

Provides single track uni-directional signal control.

Each ABS Master can control up to 4 three aspect LED type

signals via optical sensors.

Unit requires 7-18 volts AC or DC, 300ma   



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