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O Scale Signals

Signals Can Be Operated Using Our

#8005 ABS Signal System

See Activation System For Details


Color Light Ground Position Signal 

Exact Scale, w/LEDs

Converted From PRR Ground Position Signals

Used By B&O, N&W, NS And Other Roads

 #3293    Left Hand    $19.99

#3294    Right Hand    $19.99


D Type

Exact Scale, All Brass w/LEDs

#3401      $44.99



PRR Dwarf Signals



Exact Scale & Prototype

Left Hand #3291

Right Hand #3292

$19.99 each


B&O Color Position Signal

No. 3212        $59.99

B&O Bracket Signal

All Brass, Exact Scale, With LEDs

Etched See Thru Platform

#3213          $159.99


B&O Siginal Parts


#3214    6 Lite Disc Head     $23.99

#3215    Single Marker          $12.99

#3216    Double Marker         $19.99

Assembled Wired w/LEDs & Painted


SA Type Target Signals

No. 3351 Double Target        $34.99

No. 3355 Ground Type        $29.99

No. 3345 Single Target        $32.99



Upper Quadrant 3 Lite

Signal is all brass, exact scale and features an opening relay cabinet door. Model comes with two blade types which are easily interchangable

#3003        $49.99


Combo House Signal

Most Modern Signal In Use

Exact Scale, All Brass, Opening Cabinet Doors

#3071        $75.99

Relay Cabinets With Opening Door

#3353    $14.99

  #3004      $14.99

Signal Heads With LEDs

D Type #3075   $17.99

SA Type #3352    $9.99






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Signal Accessories

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